——Multidisciplinary joint simulation

CosiMate -- distributed interactive multidisciplinary collaborative simulation computing platform (hereinafter referred to as "collaborative simulation computing platform") is the flagship product developed by ChiasTek.

ChiasTek is headquartered in Chicago, USA, and its CosiMate r&d center, KiasTek, is located in Toulouse, France.

CosiMate technology originated in Grenoble, France in 1999 TIMA (computer information technology development and microelectronic technology) national laboratory, ChiasTek simulation integrated experts, is a global leader in the field of multidisciplinary collaborative simulation technology and a pioneer in the field of simulation integration has a strong technical accumulation, and accumulated a lot of experience of engineering application in the world's largest industry has many successful application cases.

ChiasTek mainly serves aerospace, automobile, weapons, electronics, motion control technology and other industries and fields.

As the business support of CosiMate products in China, GET group is one of the first high-tech enterprises in Beijing to focus on high-end CAE software sales and engineering project consulting services.

Group has been emphasizing development of CAE, VR industry and the actual needs of customers, the service industry in automotive, aviation, aerospace, weapons, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, railway, engineering machinery, fan, energy, general machinery manufacturing and control design, etc.

The consulting services include virtual scene simulation analysis, mechanical product performance analysis, strength and life prediction, vibration noise analysis, flow field and transmission control, etc.

Company with strong engineering background and experience of skilled software use, high efficiency and allocation of resources integration, and help enterprises in the design process, the quality of the product development cycle, development efficiency, cost reduction and so on various aspects ability, actively and effectively promote the enterprises achieve the established business objectives.

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