GET is an advanced technology provider in the field of system innovation (SI/CAI/TRIZ) and Analysis & Simulation.

Oriented to the r&d process of enterprise products, GET provides the most advanced high-end r&d information technology, products and services.

And is committed to advanced enrichment and development of innovative research and development platform, at the same time the joint global partners and engineering and technical resources, for manufacturing customers and product research and development institutions to provide comprehensive engineering solutions.

GET has five branches in China, including software r&d center, innovation technology center and simulation engineering center.

Company and senior management and engineering and technical team members for the global more than 2000 users with continuous engineering services and solutions, including innovative technology and implementation, integrated simulation platform, the special system, industry solutions, technology transfer, engineering practice and industry standards and methodologies.

GET created, rich, and provides the key technology of the third generation of product research and development system integration and special platform development, enhance and perfect the concept of "innovation - analysis & simulation -- virtual manufacturing -- - product delivery" provide the comprehensive solution of modern product development cycle and engineering consulting service system of technical ability, with computer aided innovation (CAI) and engineering simulation analysis (CAE) technology as the core of professional engineering services in support of enterprise product development and design improvement.

GET, is a leading design service and solution provider in China.

Through international technology alliance and resource, we provide industry and manufacturing business with comprehensivesolutions and high quality services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target.

Our business covers computer aided innovative design service, design process management and optimization, virtual test lab implementation and system integration.

Today's competitive market environment demands that design and simulation are carried out in less time for less money whileproducing a better product or result. Our mission is simple: to deliver design and analysis expertise that enables manufacture companiesto realize their product visions and help to bring better products to market faster.


The GET traits:

Excellent partner in manufacturing engineering innovation;

Developing core technologies based on modern r&d processes;

Continuous innovation and r&d capability;

Multi-industry and multi-field users and project foundation, successful practice;

Global cooperation resources, industry senior management and technical team.

Official public number

Global Engineering Technology Group(GET)

Address: Room 506, No1, Badachu Road No.49, Shijingshan District, Beijing, 100140, P,R. China.
Postcode: 100140
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